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Southern Foodways Alliance Symposium trip 2010

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Bob Syke's Bar-B-Q in Bessemer, AL. Bob Syke's Bar-B-Q pit set up Bob Syke's pulled pork sandwich plate
The Brown Bag, Tuscaloosa, AL.  Very soul food place off the beaten path, and known to the locals. The Brown Bag's interior. The Brown Bag outside shot.
The Brown Bag--two young men cooking up things. My lunch--pork spareribs, velvety butterbeans, collard greens topped with sliced tomatoes and onions, cornbread, fried whiting with tartar sauce. The Brown Bag's caramel cake
The Brown Bag's sign by the road Interesting church recruiting sign. Archibald's Bar-B-Que, Tuscaloosa, AL.  Archibald and his granddaughter by the pit.
Archibald's outside seating area. Archibald's, woodpile in the back. Archibald's rib sandwich.
Bottomfeeder's restaurant, Tuscaloosa, AL sign--a pig, chicken and catfish creature. Bottomfeeder's dinner--grilled catfish, collards, hush puppies, and sliced tomatoes. Bottomfeeder's sign.
Bottomfeeder's exterior shot. Maggie's Diner, Tuscaloosa, AL--classic soul food place.  My meal is fried chicken, collards, black eyed peas mixed with boiled okra and a corn cake. Maggie's Diner--the guy next to me's plate--meatloaf, creamed corn, cabbage and okra with pink lemonade.
Maggie's Diner interior Maggie's Diner interior--the buffet line Maggie's Diner--another interior shot, Ms. Maggie behind the counter.
Maggie's Diner--strawberry cake, sliced to order. Maggie's Diner--sweet potato pie. Maggie's Diner, exterior shot.
A soul food cookbook from a guy who cooked at Stanford University!  I found it in the David W. Lupton collection at the University of Alabama. SFA Friday night at Taylor Grocery.  Catfish cake station. Catfish cakes.
Parfait of rice, stir-fried catfish with arbol chiles, cilantro and green onions. Eddie Huang and his crew doing their thing at Taylor Grocery. Taylor Grocery buffet line: slaw, fries, hush puppies, fried okra, catfish.
SFA Saturday morning breakfast.  SFA director John T. Edge in the forefront. Yam biscuit on the left, sweet potato biscuit on the right.  Both stuffed with sausage and pepper jelly. Saturday Viking Range Lunch--rows of ice box fried chicken waiting to be served.
Viking Range Lunch menu with ice box fried chicken. Viking Range lunch--shrimp and sweet potato ceviche. Viking Range Lunch--braised oxtail stew with gnocchi.
Viking Range Lunch--banana tres leches tian. Lodge Cast Iron feed--pit cooked barbacoa tacos topped with mole, queso fresca and fried corn kernels.
Served with pico de gallo, raw avocado salsa, and tomatillo salsa. Grilled corn, beef tongue taco, refried black eyed peas, pickled veggies, jalapeno slices, cilantro, goat taco, lime slice, pulled pork taco and raw avocadol.
SFA volunteer with boa ready to serve from small bamboo baskets. Grilled shrimp bao. Sunday Tabasco Brunch at Taylor Grocery--grilled pork with rice vermicelli, crispy shrimp egg rolls and ice coffee.
Flip Burger Boutique in Birmingham, AL.  Butcher burger with frisee, red wine jam, carmelized onions and a side of fries. Bacon cheeseburger--with Benton's bacon (awesome!), sweet pickles, flip sauce and American cheese and a side of tempura okra with sriracha mayo. Another look at the Flip burger meal with Nehi peach soda.
Pumpkin Pie shake with gingersnap bottom. Charla Draper with her pumpkin pie shake. Flip Burger Boutique interior
Interesting church recruiting sign, Birmingham, AL Sammy's Sandwich Shop, Birmingham, AL--the complete opposite of Flip Burger.  An elderly couple does everything to order and from memory.  A cheeseburger with seasoned fries. Sammy's Sandwich Shop exterior.
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Location: Tuscaloosa, Al, Oxford, MS and Birmingham, AL