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Great Places in the Denver Area to Celebrate “National Fried Chicken Day.”

Here’s my list of places where I think you’ll enjoy celebrating “National Fried Chicken Day,” also known as July 6th. I arrange these in categories that I hope you find helpful. Please note, I’m focused on bone-in chicken, not sandwiches. Please call to make sure the place is open.





Fast Food

  • Popeye’s

Prince’s-style Chicken (“Nashville Hot Chicken”)


Not in a specific category and GOOD



Fried Chicken Meditation Video

Soul Food Advisory: Chef D’s in Aurora, Colorado

I picked my dad up at the airport, and on the way home he said that he was hungry. Thanks to Colorado State Senator Rhonda Fields’ Facebook post, I knew about a new soul food place on our route: Chef D’s at the Aurora Town Center (formerly the Aurora Mall).

There isn’t a lot of seating here, so the place has a takeout vibe. We got the “honey hot” chicken wings, “smack” ‘n’ cheese, collard greens, apple cobbler, and peach cobbler.

The chicken wings were excellent, the greens were pretty standard, and despite its creative name, the mac ‘n’ cheese was also pretty standard. The real standouts were the apple cobbler (look at all that crust from getting the corner piece, y’all!) and the peach cobbler. I can’t wait to get more of those!

Overall, I liked my first taste of Chef D’s, and I look forward to trying more.

Chef D Presents Momma’s Soul Kitchen
14200 E. Alameda ave
Aurora, Colorado 80012

(at the mall entrance between Sears and Macy’s)

Oh, yes, this place had very interesting napkins as well:

How U.S. Military Troops and Veterans Helped Spread Soul Food Around the World


Thanks to the award-winning team at Ascender Communications for pulling together another great, short video on soul food history. This one’s about how U.S. military troops and veterans helped spread soul food around the world.


Soul Food Scholar Featured on Denver’s Channel 7!

Thanks to Micah Smith for interviewing me about the current trends in soul food. This segment is part of Denver Channel 7’s on-going tribute to Black History Month.  Here’s a link to the full article. Enjoy!

Soul Food Advisory: Catfish Haven, Denver, Colorado


For whatever reason, two people from very different parts of my life mentioned Catfish Haven during the past week. So when a catfish-loving friend visiting Denver asked me to take to her to a spot, I immediately thought of Catfish Haven.

We got there right before closing time (the kitchen closes at 9 pm, but the bar closes at 10 pm), but we called ahead and got our food soon after we arrived. Here’s my report:

Bone-in catfish–If getting my fish with bones is an option, I always go for it. This fish a true delight with a nicely seasoned crust, and the fish was HOT! 

Catfish fillets–two nice-sized fillets with that same well-seasoned crust coating some hot fish.

Coleslaw–very standard, and tasted store-bought.

Macaroni and cheese–very standard.

Potato salad–Very standard, and tasted store-bought.

Dessert: none available! I guess whoever was supposed to make them didn’t feel like doing so.

In sum, the fish was tasty enough to make me visit again and try some other things on the menu. I’m intrigued because this place also bills itself as “Jamaica House,” and there are some Caribbean dishes on the menu. The sides we tried were very plain, and aren’t much of a draw. Even if they were made in-house, they didn’t taste like it. Again, I look forward to dining here again and trying other dishes. 

The décor is fun, and I spotted this sign:

I found out that the Catfish Haven’s owners were the same people who owned the venerable A&A Fish Market on 28th and Fairfax in Denver. I was said when that place closed, so I’m glad they found a new home. 

Catfish Haven
4650 Tower Rd
Denver, Colorado 80249
Facebook page