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December, 2013

Soul Food named one of “The10 Best Black Books of 2013”

Kam Williams of Sly Fox Film Reviews picked Soul Food for his nonfiction list of “The 10 Best Black Books of 2013”! Williams is a widely-syndicated writer and that means great news for Soul Food. Check out the full list here. Thank you, Kam Williams!

My Top 10 List of Soul Food Joints . . . Printed in USA Today!

One of the most frequent questions that I get is “What’s your favorite soul food joint in the entire country?” That’s a tough question because I have a larger sample size than your average person, and here’s why. In 2011, I went to 150 soul food restaurants in 35 cities and 15 states around the country. I wasn’t motivated by gluttony. I merely wanted to thoroughly research the current soul food scene for my book on the history of soul food. I’m serious about my craft. Anyway, USA Today has put together a list ten memorable places where I got to grub. It’s highly probable that I’ve left your favorite place off of my list. Let me ‘splain. This is NOT a list of the absolute best soul food joints in the country. Since USA Today is a national publication, I needed to show some geographic balance. Also, on my own initiative, I wanted to highlight places that don’t get a lot of attention like the Sylvia’s and Sweetie Pie’s of the world. Click on the article here, and don’t forget to check out the photo gallery. Enjoy!

A (Brief) History of Sweet Potato Pie in The Washington Post!

Check out this article that I wrote on the history of sweet potato pie and how it became a soul food fave for Thanksgiving. Unlike you would do with a good sweet potato pie, please share!