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Maybe things are tough right now, and you really can’t spring for the VIP reception. I feel ya! The good news is that from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., my book launch will be FREE and open to the public. There’ll be food and drinks (not as much as at the VIP event), you’ll get to hear about my book, and get your own autograph copy. Any amount that you donate will be greatly appreciated. Yes, $10 or $5 will be cool because it all adds up. I’ll acknowledge you on my website dedicated to The President’s Kitchen Cabinet which will go live in January 2017. I’d also welcome donations of frequent flyer miles or hotel bonus points to help cover the travel expenses for these special guests.

Donate Here

Don’t like sending money over the Internet? You can always go “old school” and mail a check payable to “Adrian Miller” to:

Adrian Miller
2880 S. Locust Street, 700N
Denver, CO 80222

Please indicate “TPKC Book Launch” or your special code on the memo line of your check.

So, that’s the situation, and we have an achievable goal. 500 people attended my Soul Food book launch, and we had a fantastic time! I endeavor to repeat that fantastic experience.

Questions?  Email me!

Thanks in advance for your support.