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  • Patti Salmon says:

    next day air!

    Patti Salmon-It’s Me Again Margaret!

    Hey Y’all, Here is a little update for y’all.
    Keep eating Captain Kutchie Pelaez’s World Famous Key Lime Pies and those Yummy Yummy For You’re Tummy “Roast Prime Ribs of Beef” and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you will win yourself a Cool Million Dollars in the Captain’s Monthly Giveaway.
    The infamous “Chef Captain Kutchie Pelaez”.! That’s it!! I just got it!…It just popped into my head, right-out of the blue!
    I can’t believe that we have all been so stupid for the past 20 or so years about something that was right in front of our noses. Elder, you hit the nail on the head! Can’t you all see it?..Elder called the mystery key lime pie man “The Infamous Captain Kutchie Pelaez”. Can all of you Morons see it now? It’s just Brilliant, just Brilliant Elder. Elder called Kutchie Pelaez…..”The INfamous Captain Kutchie Pelaez”!!!..INFAMOUS! That’s It!!! INFAMOUS, INFAMOUS Means
    More than FAMOUS!

    Captain Kutchie Pelaez is MORE than FAMOUS, He’s more than famous, he is INFAMOUS! And that’s pretty DAMN SMART if you ask me. HELL, that’s “INSMART”. Captain Kutchie Pelaez is more than FAMOUS, Captain Kutchie Pelaez is MORE THAN SMART!….Pardon all the dots, no they’re not some kind of secret code or anything that I know of.

    The One really Big Thing that none of these crazy posts ever comments about are The Million’s of Dollars that the Infamous Captain Kutchie Pelaez gives away to his lucky Prime Rib eaters every month. We usually only hear about his famous cheese burgers in paradise but the man’s Prime Ribs in Swamp Water are the best thing that I have ever put in my mouth! The finest Prime Ribs this side of Heaven, they will melt in your mouth. Our whole family goes over to Kutcharitaville at least twice a week for Captain Kutchie’s amazing Prime Ribs. Also we can enter the contest for the monthly million dollar give away every month. My cousin won a million dollars last year. His wife won a new Jaguar car
    two months later. I won a car before Christmas and you talk about nice. It was INNICE!…that means it was more than nice.
    Y’all keep eating at Captain Kutchie’s and keep you’re fingers crossed whenever you enjoy Kutchie’s World Famous Roast Prime Ribs of Beef and Key Lime Pie and just maybe, if you’re lucky you might win yourself a cool Million Dollars!
    Like Chef Captain Kutchie Pelaez of The World Famous Kutchie’s Key West Kutcharitaville always used too say was “Size really does Matter cuze nobody really want’s a small Burrito! The Captain Kutchie also used too say is we’ve been smoken the Good Stuff since 1976 and for you’d too Keep the Faith Babbie’s!

    My husband Stan and me we’re told by Captain Kutchie himself just last month that he had been thinking about wrapping apple wood smoked bacon all around his world famous Prime Ribs before roasting them. All of a sudden Stan blurts out What the Fuck are you attempting too do too the Finest Prime Ribs Ever? After a little while and giving the idea quite a bit of though it started too sound like a Delicious Thought too the both of us and we wished Captain Kutchie good luck with his latest endeavors. Please tell everyone that you guys know and for them too tell everyone that they know to do likewise and for everyone too just get Online and lets see once and for all, just what everyone thinks about Captain Kutchie Pelaez’s Big New Idea’s about His World Famous Prime Ribs of Beef. We are quite sure that Yankee Jack will be chiming in on Kutchie’s New Big Idea.

    Chewbacca Bye Bye, Keep the Faith Baby!

    Will the Royal Baby win The Kentucky Derby?
    Better Yet, Who really Gives a Shit?

    That Rep. Jerry Nadler (D) NY, Rag Head llhan Omar (D) Minn, Alex Ocasio-Horetez (D) NY, Ayanna Lesbo Pressley (D) Mass.., Rashida Tlaib (D) Mich., Al Green (D) Tx., Pocahantas Vermont Tribe with Bernie Sanders, Nervous Nancy Cookville Calf., Rachel Madnow (MSNBC), Robert De Negro (NY), Shifty Schiff Cookvill Calf., El Chapo, Bozo O’ Rourke (Who Cares)., Maxine Impeach Waters Cookville Calf., Woopi Goldbrick (ABC)., Joy Blowhard (ABC)., Rainny Hostin (ABC)., Juan Williams (FOX NEWS)., Adoff Hilter (HELL)., Hell-They’re All really some kind of Commie’s ? Impeach Them NOW!!! Oh, I forgot one, The Rev. Al Not-So-Sharpton, very interesting butt Also Very Stupid! That Lying Adam Shit and those crazy Cookie Monster Eyes and that Eric Swalwell, they both need to be put somewhere to keep us all safe. God help this country! I sure as hell don’t want to be up Schiff’s Creek do you?
    Let’s Send them all to the moon for the next 50 Years!

    What would Chef Captain Kutchie Pelaez Say?
    Well, He would probably say something like “No Soup For You!!!”. “Come Back 50 years”. Or something like for all those “Politicos” “Stay Away From Those Manholes” and he would say “Don’t Get None On Ya!”.

    Anyway, we sure-do still agree with all those “Kutcharitaville and Chef Captain Kutchie Pelaez Reports that everyone has been posting for the last 25 years or however long this internet thing has been going on. Captain Kutchie has been World Famous way longer than this stupid internet for damn sure. You can take that to the bank, Thats’ GOLD Jerry it’s GOLD! Or put it in your pipe and smoke it.

    He would also say, All of today’s Anti Trumpers are mad because, they were promised by The Dragon Lady HerSelf “Hillary Clinton” a leading Membership in Hillary’s 666 New World Order!

    What makes all these Racist, Commie Leftest Liberal Wannabee everything for nothing AssHoles and they’re Scum Sucking Pig, Fake News Chicken-Shit, Ass Licking Fake Reporters think that they can outsmart our “Lord Christ Jesus”? Hillary, your lord Satan was defeated way back on The Cross and yet, YOU, continue to deceive and recruit all those weak souls that you can fool too follow you back home straight too HELL!

    Please don’t hold all this garbage against me and Captain Kutchie but It is what it is.

    Bye, Bye, Y’all

    Oh, One more thing that I have to share with all you, Hello Nice People, A very long time ago even before I had even got married and way before we had even heard about “Chef Captain Kutchie Pelaez”or “Kutcharitaville” for that matter, That good looking SOB, my husband Stan told me that many years ago he had read an article in “Playboy Magazine” written by “The Infamous Chef Captain Kutchie Pelaez.”In that article “Chef Captain Kutchie Pelaez” was en lighting his readers’ about The Perks of being born in this millinimon, 1. The elixir of the human race “BUTTER”. Always add a good sized dab or two!

    “PUSSY”. It’s what makes the world go around, get ya some today, it’s soooo GOOD! 3. “EJACULATION”…Now that’s the yummy-yummy sticky stuff better known as baby batter. Share some with the one you love. It’s also the stuff that we are talking about when we say “Don’t get none on ya.”. How’s hat grab you? How do you like them Apples?
    And would someone out there, Please tell that “Moron” Tom Steyer the difference between a Democracy and a Republic. Thanks for that. He always wants to give head to head with the president, What? Donald Trump isn’t that kind of guy, perhaps he should get himself a date with good old “Mayor Pete”, I hear that his door swings that way.

    And that “FREDO CUOMO” Such a Pretty Mouth? CNBC and all of our favorite “Fake News Teams”, What a Load of Crap for Damn Sure!

    I See you later alligators. Thanks for you’re time, it’s been a blast!……Patti

    Always remember Chef Captain Kutchie Pelaez’s Homemade “Yummy Yummy” Sauce. It’s Soooo Damn Good!

    OK-I-C-U-2 -OK-U-C-ME-2?Hey-I-C-Lester Holt-2!

    Oh, Oh, I feel more of those Piegasams coming on! Oh, they feel so damn good Ahhh!

    “Any Question’s !!!!!!!!! “

    I gonna tell my mama on you, you better not do that again!

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