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A Post-Thanksgiving Southern Feast

I recently presented on presidential Thanksgivings to a continuing education group called “Denver Eclectics.” After my talk, a Memphis native named Lili Hilton was so impressed that she invited me to have dinner with her family the day after Thanksgiving.

Lili with her grandmother’s scrapbook/cookbook

After I arrived, we immediately got to talking about food. Lili pulled out her grandmother’s “cookbook” which was a combination of newspaper clippings glued to the pages and handwritten recipes. True to southern form, the cookbook overwhelmingly contained dessert recipes!


We began the meal with a sweet potato, bacon, rosemary & gruyere quiche.

The rest of the main meal was made up of a arugula, avocado, bell peppers and sweet potato salad; smoked ham & turkey, creamed corn, okra & tomatoes, and cornbread dressing.

We ended with a dessert of sliced pumpkin pie & cherry pie with some ice cream.

Black cherry pie

Sliced pumpkin pie

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