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Acadiana Restaurant, Washington, D.C.

After my event at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., I caught up with a friend for a late meal at Acadiana. I’ve long wanted to eat there, but never got the chance. Fortunately, my friend Dimple was game.

Me and Dimple.

We began with a couple of “trio” appetizers.

Trio of Pies: Natchitoches meat, crawfish and southern vegetable with a buttermilk dipping sauce.

Trio of Deviled Eggs: crab ravigote, shrimp remoulade & choupique caviar

For the main course came two excellent entrées.

Pan crisped roasted duck with dirty rice, collard greens and a pepper jelly glaze.

Wild blue catfish, cornmeal noodles, smoked mushrooms, pearl onions with a creole tomato sauce.

The desserts were interesting as well.

Seasonal sorbet sampler: orange, pineapple and sweet tea (my fave)

Sweet potato creme brulee

A very tasty meal, and definitely worth the wait.

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