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Anointed: New soul food and ‘cue place in Denver

Got a chance to check out a new soul food spot today in the southwest Denver area: Anointed BBQ and Soul Food, 2504 W. Hampden, Sheridan, CO 80110. This is the former location of Country Time BBQ-a place that I liked.

Anointed has an interesting backstory. It’s run by Marriese “Mo” Jones who was formerly homeless. He’s a God-loving man, hence the religiously-connotative name of his restaurant. A few months ago, Westword did a nice write-up on this place in advance of its opening.

I didn’t try the cue this time and I went full on for the soul food option. I was impressed that the joint offered salmon croquettes–not something that one sees in these parts. Jones told me that he’s thinking about taking it off the menu because no one orders it. He must not have many African American customers at this point cuz they would be familiar with this specialty and gobble it up.

Salmon croquette with fried green tomatoes, a slice of beef brisket, collard greens and cornbread.

Salmon croquette with fried green tomatoes, a slice of beef brisket, collard greens and cornbread.

I ordered salmon croquettes, fried green tomatoes, collard greens with cornbread (pictured). The croquettes were old-school with more fish than filler. The greens were good, but I didn’t taste the smoked pork neck and bacon ends that Jones says he puts in his greens. He does so because his food is “home style,” and “that’s how we grew up.” No gluten-free options here because “I got no time for that.” The cornbread square looks like Jiffy, but it’s not sweet.

My friend and Westword food writer Mark Antonation ordered a special with a fried pork chop, beans and rice in gravy, coleslaw, cornbread and a slice of 7-Up cake. The cake was on-point, and I would have loved a little more of a glaze.


Pork chop special with homemade hibiscus (left) and Kool-Aid (right) pickles.


7-up Cake


Anointed’s exterior

I’m looking forward to trying more of the menu.

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