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Give Your Students the Gift of Soul Food!

Are you an educator or administrator who’s looking for a good, educational, food-related activity for your school? Then you should have me come speak!


George Washington High’s Caren Press introducing me.

A few months ago, I was invited by Caren Press to speak at George Washington High School in Denver, Colorado. We went back and forth on what type of activity to do, but we ultimately settled on me doing a presentation on the history of soul food based on my book Soul Food. 

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Me addressing the audience. Photo by Caren Press


Dropping knowledge like hot biscuits.  Photo by Caren Press.

In addition, we asked the school’s community of  the leadership team, administrative staff, faculty members, mentors and volunteers to make potluck dishes using recipes from Soul Food and The President’s Kitchen Cabinet. You should see the spread they created!

After I finished, the line was opened up, and the students got their grub on. Get this. I spoke to a group of 9th graders, and not only did most of them pay attention . . . they told their teachers that they enjoyed my presentation! That’s high praise because teens are one of the hardest audiences to please!

This event worked really well because George Washington High School has an amazing group of adults who have a vested interest in seeing their students have a good experience. It helps that these folks were also good cooks!

I really enjoyed interacting with the kids, and I hope that I get more opportunities to work with K-12 schools, colleges and universities. If you’re an interested educator or school administrator, email me.

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