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Here’s my BBC World News Interview!

In case you missed it, I was on BBC World News TV on Monday, June 22, 2020. Here’s a link to the clip:

The Soul Food Scholar Goes Global!

11 Responses to Here’s my BBC World News Interview!

  1. Ruth Hart says:

    Great….thanks for sharing. Wish they had also given you credit for your role in the local National Council of Churches. Peace

  2. Paulette Tate says:

    Excellent interview my friend! Food breaking down barriers. I love it! The tipping point can only be sustained if we accept the necessary changes and adapt our behavior accordingly. Sage advice from the world renowned soul food scholar! 💕

  3. Scott Randall says:

    The theme of food as a uniting activity is powerful-I commend you for re-introducing this as more than a strategy, but as a way of life. In my part of the country, Cajun food is so universally loved that gumbo and jambalaya recipes are shared among men( I once had a friendly argument about the pros and cons of okra in your gumbo with a Chinese acquaintance, in addition to numerous “jambalaya banter” sessions with black and hispanic men who happened to be homeless at the time.) No forced dialogue or reconciliation agendas needed once you agree on the great equalizer of Cajun food, laughter and just enjoying each other’s company. Once we get beyond this current Pandemic distancing, we need to fix some Cajun food together.

  4. Nins says:

    Incredible! Aunt Edna would be proud!

  5. Mary Stuart says:


    Great interview!

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