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Soul Food Scholar Featured on Denver’s Channel 7!

Thanks to Micah Smith for interviewing me about the current trends in soul food. This segment is part of Denver Channel 7’s on-going tribute to Black History Month.  Here’s a link to the full article. Enjoy!

2 Responses to Soul Food Scholar Featured on Denver’s Channel 7!

  1. Joy Flynt says:

    Hello Adrian,

    Feb. 9,2019 at the meet and greet in the home of Curtis Green, I was very impressed and enjoyed your presentation of the history with in your cook books.

    Cook books I do not buy, BUT you sold me on the history of the Presidents cooks also the history and heritage tied into soul food.

    I would like to purchase two books of the President’s Kitchen Cabinet with a personal autograph to me and a friend. (paperback are fine)


    • adrian says:

      Joy, I am so sorry that I didn’t reply to this post when you sent. It was with a bunch of spam, and I’m now seeing it. I will email you.

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