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Meet My Collegiate BBQ Research Assistants!!


Miles Francisco is a third-year student at the University of Oklahoma studying Political Science and African and African American Studies with minors in International Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies.

Miles is passionate about social justice and creating a more just world for all. Miles believes strongly in the power of people when they are given an opportunity to speak for themselves and knows that there is hope in the future.

After graduating from OU, Miles plans on attending law school before starting a career in the political arena. Miles is an avid reader and staunch believer in the “goatness” of one LeBron James.

Miles will help me explore the Native American roots of barbecue, and how African Americans accessed this culinary knowledge before the 20th Century.


Clarke Jackson is a senior at Spelman College who is majoring in Anthropology and Sociology, and minoring in French and Food Studies. She was born in North Carolina and grew up in Maryland.  Clarke have a passion for traveling internationally and learning languages, and have had the opportunity to study abroad in France, England and Cameroon. Clarke’s been eating a plant based diet since 2016 and I am very interested in black veganism as a form of resistance and liberation.

Clarke will help me explore the evolution of African American barbecue in the Atlanta area, and vegan interpretations of barbecue happening around the country. The latter should prove very interesting!

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